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"I've  known Naomi since 2009 in broadcasting and teamwork capacity and she's just an absolute delight to not only work with but also to liase with behind the scenes. She's a passionate and dedicated young woman who is always striving for excellence in every challenge and task. Naomi brilliantly displays professionalism, tenacity & good communication in the field of media. I would certainly recommend her for any position with a company." - Anthony Lastrina Media Network

 "I think we were very lucky at VACCA to find such a professional and responsive editor to make our Foster Carers DVD! You have helped us immensely, both with this project and with insights that you have shared, which will assist us with future projects. Thanks!" - Fiona Roberts VACCA

"On behalf of all the staff at VACCA, I would like to say a very big Thank-you for all your hard work in putting our DVD together." - Emma Bamblett VACCA


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